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RBLDF-5nD adalah salah satu produk Mikrotik RouterBoard yang cukup unik. Termasuk di varian wireless outdoor embeded yang menggunakan standart 5Ghz 802.11a/n dan memiliki antena internal 9dbi. Keunikan nya ada di bentuk nya yang tidak hanya kecil tetapi juga spesial yang bisa dipasangkan pada antenna parabola. Jika dipasangkan pada antenna parabola, secara teoritis bisa meningkatkan gain perangkat ini hingga ~30db (tergantung jenis antenna parabola yang digunakan).

The LDF (Lite Dish Feed) is an outdoor wireless system with a built in antenna, meant to be installed on satellite offset dish antennas. The dish will act as a reflector, amplifying the signal.

This means you can use any available satellite TV dish with an offset mount to quickly deploy powerful long range wireless links. The offset mount is universal at 40mm diameter, and the LDF can easily be placed inside it. Since the LDF itself is a tiny little package, it makes shipping and deployment simple and low cost.

Using a dish of up to 100cm in diameter, it is possible to obtain antenna amplification of up to 33dBi. The device comes preinstalled with RouterOS and is ready to use.

Assembly :

Detail Barang:
  • Routerboard RBLDF-5nD
  • 1 port ethernet (1 untuk PoE)
  • Power Adaptor 24 V
  • Power over Ethernet Spliter


Spesifikasi RBLDF-5nD
Product Code RBLDF-5nD
Architecture MIPS-BE
CPU AR9344 600MHz
Current Monitor No
Main Storage/NAND 16MB
SFP Ports 0
LAN Ports 1
Gigabit No
Switch Chip No
MiniPCI 0
Integrated Wireless 1
Wireless Standarts 802.11 a/n
Wireless Tx Power 25dbm
Integrated Antenna Yes
Antenna Gain 9dbi
MiniPCIe 0
SIM Card Slots No
Memory Cards No
Power Jack No
802.3af Support No
POE Input 10-28V
POE Output No
Serial Port No
Voltage Monitor No
Temperature Sensor No
Dimentions 84 x 84 x 115 mm
Operating System RouterOS
Temperature Range -40C .. +70C
RouterOS License Level3