Thank you for purchasing the Ubiquiti Networks® UniFi® Video
NVR. This Quick Start Guide is designed to guide you through
installation and also includes the warranty terms.
The UniFi Video User Guide is available for download at
Package Contents
UniFi Video NVR Vertical Support Stand
Power Adapter
(19V, 3.42A)
Power Cord
Network Video Recorder
with 2 TB Hard Drive
Model: UVC-NVR-2TB
Quick Start Guide
TERMS OF USE: All Ethernet cabling runs must use CAT5 (or above). It is the Professional
Installer’s responsibility to follow local country regulations, including operation within legal
frequency channels, output power, indoor cabling requirements, and Dynamic Frequency
Selection (DFS) requirements.

Hardware Overview
Front Panel
Reset Button
Power Button
Disabled – Not Used
Interface Description
Power Button
Powers ON or OFF the UniFi Video NVR.
• Power ON Press the Power button to
turn on the UniFi Video NVR and start all
• Soft Power OFF Briefly press the Power
button to stop all services and safely shut
down the UniFi Video NVR.
• Hard Power OFF Press and hold the
Power button until the LEDs turn off to
immediately turn off the UniFi Video NVR.
Reset Button
Resets the UniFi Video NVR to factory
defaults. The UniFi Video NVR must be fully
booted and running. Press and hold the
Reset button for about 10 seconds. The
UniFi Video NVR will automatically reboot
with default settings.
WARNING: Resetting the UniFi Video NVR erases all
recordings and configuration settings.
Note: Onboard audio and USB controllers are disabled
and not used.

Back Panel
Not Used
Disabled – Not Used
Interface Description
Connect the Ethernet port to the same
LAN hosting your UniFi Video Cameras
Power Connect the Power Adapter to the
Power port.
Note: Onboard video and USB controllers are disabled
and not used.

Hardware Installation
The small form factor of the UniFi Video NVR allows it to be
placed vertically or horizontally on any flat surface.
Vertical Placement
Place the UniFi Video NVR in the narrow opening of the Vertical
Support Stand.

Connecting the UniFi Video NVR
1. Connect an Ethernet cable from your LAN to the
Ethernet port.
2. Connect the Power Adapter to the Power port.

3. Connect the Power Cord to the Power Adapter. Connect the
other end of the Power Cord to a power outlet.

Accessing the UniFi Video NVR
The UniFi Video configuration portal is accessed by using a
web browser. There are two ways to access the portal:
• Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool For users with a
DHCP‑enabled LAN and using the Chrome browser.
• Direct Connection to UniFi Video NVR Configure the
UniFi Video NVR by connecting it directly to your computer
via Ethernet.
Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool
The Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool is available as a stand‑alone
application and as a Chrome extension (Chrome browser
required). The utility is available for download at:
1. Press the Power button on the UniFi Video NVR, and
wait about one minute for it to fully boot up and start all
2. Download and install the Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool.
3. Launch the Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool.
4. A list of Ubiquiti devices on the network will appear. Locate
NVR in the Device Type column. Click the IP address of the
NVR in the Host column.
5. The UniFi Video configuration portal will appear in a new
browser window.
6. Skip to Configuring UniFi Video.

Direct Connection to the UniFi Video NVR
1. Connect the Ethernet cable from the UniFi Video NVR
directly to your computer.
2. Press the Power button on the UniFi Video NVR, and
wait about one minute for it to fully boot up and start all
3. Configure the Ethernet adapter on your computer with a
static IP address on the 192.168.1.x subnet.
4. Launch a web browser and type http:// in
the address field. Press enter (PC) or return (Mac).
5. The UniFi Video configuration portal will appear in a new
browser window.

Configuring UniFi Video
1. Click the UniFi Video image in the UniFi Video
configuration portal to log in.
Note: Advanced configuration options, such as network
settings, may be accessed by clicking the configuration
icon. The default username and password is ubnt.
2. The UniFi Video Setup Wizard will appear. Click I accept
this license agreement to accept the terms and continue.
3. Enter a system name for your NVR, select your preferred
language, and specify your time zone. Click Next.
4. Enter an administrator email address and password to
use when accessing the UniFi Video Controller Interface.
Confirm your password. Click Next.
5. Review your settings. Click Finish to save your settings, or
click Back to make changes. When finished, the UniFi Video
Controller Interface will launch.
6. The UniFi Video login screen will appear. Enter the email
address and password that you created, and click Submit.
For detailed information on using the UniFi Video software.

Dimensions 135 x 190 x 25 mm (5.31 x 7.48 x 0.98″)
Weight 483 g (17 oz)
Processor Intel J1800
Memory 4 GB
Hard Drive Capacity 2 TB
Networking Interface (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
Power Supply 65W, 19V, 3.42A
Certifications FCC, CE, IC
UniFi Video Software
Interfaces Web Browser, iOS and Android
System Setup Plug-and-Play Installation,
Automatic Camera Detection
Camera Support Recommended for up to
20 UniFi Video Cameras
Supported Browsers Chrome
Supported Smartphones iPhone and Android
Media Format MP4 (H.264/AAC)
Scheduling Day/Time/Camera
Scheduled Video Recording/Motion
Detection/Email Alerts
Views Multiple Camera Live Grid View,
Recorded Video Playback,
Full Screen,