Ubiquity Tough Cable Carrier TC-CARRIER

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Ubiquity Tough Cable Carrier TC-CARRIER

Product Description


Outdoor Carrier Class Shieldet Ethernet Cable

Models: Pro, Carrier, Connectors

  • Increase Perfomance
  • Extreme Weatherproof
  • ESD Damage Protection
  • Extended Cable Support

Protect your networks from the most brutal environments with Ubiquiti’s industrial-grade shielded Ethernet cable, TOUGHCabl.

Increase Performance

Dramatically improve your Ethernet link states, speeds, and overall performance with Ubiquiti TOUGHCables.

Extreme Weatherproof

TOUGHCables have been built to perform even in the harshest weather and environments.

ESD Damage Protection

Protect your networks from devastating electrostatic discharge (ESD) attacks.

Extended Cable Support

TOUGHCables have been developed to increase power handling performance for extended cable run lengths.

Additional Information:

  • 24 AWG copper conductor pairs
  • 26 AWG integrated ESD drain wire

    to prevent ESD attacks and damage

  • PE outdoor-rated, weatherproof jacket
  • Multi-layered shielding
  • Available in lengths of 1000 ft

    (304.8 m)


Produktbezeichnung: UBNT Tough Kabel TC-Carrier
Ethernetunterstützung: Up to 1 Gbps
Conductor Wire Gauge: 24 AWG
Conductor: 0.500 ± 0.005mm
Conductor Diameter: Solid Bare Copper
Insulation Thickness: AVG: 0.295mm, MIN:0.29mm
Insulation Type: Solid PE
Insulation Diameter: 1.16 ± 0.02mm
Separation (Polyester Wrapping): Thick: 0.0025mm, Extent: 20mm
Anti-Crosstalk Divider: LDPE: 4.2*0.3 mm
Cable Shield (Aluminum Foil):  Thick: 0.060mm, Extent: 20mm
ESD Drain Wire 0.4 TC
Rip Cord   Yes
Secondary Cable Shield (Braid) 16*8*0.16AA Density: 95%
Jacket Material PE
Jacket Thickness: AVG: 0.52mm, MIN: 0.46mm
Jacket Outer Diamter: 6.8±0.3 mm
Jacket Outer DIameter: ISO/IEC 11801, TIA/EIA568B.2